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best lawyer in wigan?

Who is the best criminal lawyer in Wigan?

Well it is a difficult call. Perhaps the first thing to ask yourself is who has the best reputation? Secondly, a good place to start is a free initial consultation as you will be able to sit directly across the desk from a criminal lawyer in Wigan, explain your problem to them, explain your situation and listen to their response. Another question you may ask yourself is whether in fact a criminal solicitor in Wigan is the right one for YOU?

It is right to say that sometimes people believe that unless they get a lawyer from a big city they will somehow get a second rate service or second division service.

It is right to say that we defend cases all over the country, all over the North West and indeed all over England and Wales. The geographical location of your criminal solicitor’s office is not an indication of their experience, expertise or indeed quality.

Nowadays cases are often managed electronically, papers are served and received via email, and indeed if you prefer communication, you can communicate with your criminal lawyer by email (as opposed to post). Technology in the legal profession is ever changing (as it is in other walks of life) electronic communication and indeed cybercrime or electronic crime is something which we are particularly experienced in. Please call and ask for a free confidential chat where we will listen to your concerns and offer a straight non-biased opinion.

Malicious allegations are often made which can result in criminal proceedings.

We are acutely aware that sometimes it is very easy for a malicious allegation to be made, but the consequences can often be catastrophic in terms of your reputation, your home life and indeed your professional life.

We understand the need for robust defence and will not shy away from aggressively fighting your corner should the situation arise.