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“Got me out of a couple of scrapes no problem, Wouldn’t trust any other firm.”
A.F., Facebook
“Helped my daughter a lot really good solicitors and anyone needs a solicitor I strongly suggest to use these I tell everyone who needs a solicitor x”
L.J., Facebook
“Best solicitors around!!!! Ged And Bill have helped me through some sticky situations in the past. Have always highly recommended SHP to anyone seeking advice. Keep up the good work guys. As much as I like you I hope I personally don’t need to use you again.”
C.K. , Facebook
“Karen, Thank you for your help and support, it has been an emotionally exhausting morning!

Thanks to you not as horrific as I feared.”

Regards, A.W.

“Dear Louise, I am writing to you just to say thank you for everything.

You Bill and Lisa, I really am grateful for everything the three of you have done for me.

I received your letter today about POCA which I’m really happy they have dropped it, it’s a big weight off my shoulders. Jail is going fine, I’m getting on with it. So really just wanted to write and say thank you.”

Take care, M.S.

“I am writing this letter because I want to thank you all for everything Simpson Heald Pearson has done for me! I have had you as my solicitors since 2008 and you have dealt with all my court cases. From Wigan magistrates to Liverpool Crown Court!

I have had a lot of good results in court because of you and just need you to know how grateful I am for you to have represented me in Court! I got sentenced to 4 years in march 2016 this year and as it was my third robbery offence my barrister had to persuade the courts that I wasn’t a danger to society and to the public.

I was told to expect six years EDS and got four years! So I want to say a big thanks to my barrister who represented me in the robbery offence when I got sentenced in March! And want to thank the whole team at Simpson Heald Pearson and without doubt I will always want you to represent me in the future if I end up re-offending. So if I do re-offend I will not hesitate to contact any of you.

And just want to say a big thanks again and thank you for representing me!

Thanks to all of you at Simpson Heald Pearson!”

Your sincerely A.P.

“To Bill Pearson and staff,
thanks for putting up with me for 18 months and helping me to get back from Hell.
A Good result and I can now get on with my life. Thanks!
Bill thank you so much! I won’t forget your kindness you’re a top solicitor and a top bloke!”