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criminal legal aid

Criminal legal aid is available in the police station which means that you are entitled to be represented free of charge by a solicitor of your choice.

Advice and assistance at the police station under the legal aid scheme is not dependant on your means. It is not means tested and you are not required to pay for our assistance.

In the Magistrates Court legal aid is means tested, which means that the decision as to whether you would qualify depends not only on the merits of your case, but also on your personal financial circumstances. We will guide you through this process in a logical and straightforward manner so you may best be able to make decisions about the funding of your case.

If you do not qualify for legal aid we will discuss all of your funding options including our fixed fee scheme which may be of great assistance.

In the Crown Court legal aid is always available but is means tested, so that whilst you might not qualify for legal aid in the Magistrates Court legal aid will be available in the Crown Court. Often defendants in receipt of legal aid in the Crown Court will be required to make a contribution towards the funding of their case.

We can lead you through this often confusing and complicated procedure (please call for an informal chat).

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