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We accept that despite our best efforts there may be times when you feel it necessary to make a complaint.

This can be done directly to our complaints principle Bill Pearson, or if the complaint is in respect of Mr Pearson himself then should be directed to practice manager Alice Pearson who will take the details of the complaint from you. If your complaint is in writing we aim to acknowledge receipt within 2 working days.

It may be that we need to clarify the issues surrounding your complaint and in those circumstances you will be offered an appointment within 5 business days.

Following confirmation of all the details of your complaint we will begin our investigation, this may include speaking the fee earners involved in your case, any other third parties instructed and full review of your file of papers, we will also considering including in the investigation any enquiries you feel to be pertinent. We aim to complete our investigation within 15 business days.

We aim to deal with all complaints promptly, fairly and effectively but depending on the circumstances we may not be able to complete our investigation within this time frame, should for any reason we need more time you will be informed in writing 5 days before the expiry of this deadline and provided with a agreed timetable for the investigation.

Once our investigation is complete you will be offered an appointment to discuss the results and findings within 5 business days. If this is not convenient this can be done via telephone or by letter. During this meeting we will discuss the results of the investigation and how we plan to resolve your complaint based on those findings. You will also receive a letter confirming the outcome of this meeting.

All complaints are kept on a central record within our offices which is reviewed no less than annually. This allows us to identify any patterns or trends that may need to be addressed outside of a single complaint. It is important to us that if the need to complain does arise that we deal with it fairly and correctly and do our utmost to prevent a reoccurrence.

Following your complaint it may be that we are no longer able to act for you, or you no longer feel like you would like us to act for you. If the relationship has broken down we will promptly provide a copy of your papers to your new chosen solicitors and do our best to assist in a smooth handing over of your case.

If you are dissatisfied with how we have dealt with your complaint you are free to further your complaint to the legal ombudsman via post at PO Box 6806, Wolverhampton, WV1 9WJ, via telephone on 0300 555 0333 or via email on

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